Monday, February 18, 2013

Coffee & Jesus...update!

It's been a minute since I've talked about Coffee & Jesus(check out this link for our history). We started meeting September 2012 & have done nothing but flourish since. I could sit & talk for hours about the powerful meetings we have & the way God speaks to me through the variety of different women who share with us what they are learning. I love stirring others to seek Him out. I love even more when they find Him. That made me smile just imagining that thought. The gift of reconciling women back to God has been the single most rewarding thing in my ministry aside from watching God actively move in my husband's life & bringing Him to Christ. This gift wasn't just given to me it was given to us all. That's what I pray Coffee & Jesus is to the world. A ministry that with all heart & soul lovingly reconciles the lost & broken back to Christ. Women who lay aside what the world has taught them about being women & abandon themselves to what God says a women is. Women of all backgrounds, hurts, and worlds put together & binded together with love...God's LOVE. It's a pure love. One that is accepting, non-judgmental, caring, loyal, concerned, one that reaches out to comfort, one that wants to be an active participant in the others life. This love is what consumes me & has consumed this group. There hasn't been a meeting yet that I didn't become a giddy school girl the days leading up to it. I tell you & I don't say it lightly I'm committed to carrying God's love with me & so are the women who join this group. If you're looking for more of Jesus then you've found your home. Come be welcomed amongst God's daughters. We are sisters. We need one another. More than ever. The God that heals, restores, transforms, and adores is transforming lives and I could NOT be more excited!!!!


  1. I wish I had a group like this to meet with. It sounds so absolutely fantastic!

    1. You are more than welcome anytime you are near the OKC, OKlahoma area!