Thursday, February 28, 2013

another year older...and wiser

I've always loved birthdays. Not just my own but celebrating others too. There's something really special to me about the day God chose for us to enter the world. I like to think about how in that moment all that was great about you already resided there. God knew our potential before we would even know what a birthday was & it was good. I don't believe anyone is destined for anything less than God's best but somehow life gets in the way. I want to share what's on my heart & mind this, the night of my 34th birthday.

1. I never imagined a life abandoned to Christ could somehow become fuller than I ever imagined when I was in the process of "losing" myself to find Him.

2. I honestly look back 5 years ago and had very few "friends" I could count on & like the faithful God He is, has sent an abundance of legit people who I know are for me. They support me & believe in me and frankly it blows my mind just thinking about it.

3. My husband & I have journeyed through tough times & I look at him and can't help but smile because God has given me my best friend. Someone who stretches me to dig deeper to be a better person, who without thinking twice backs me & supports my dreams. This man isn't a fairy tale, he's made of flesh like anyone else but he gets me and I'm his helpmeet! What a gift I've been given in him.

4. My boys light up my world. They think I'm the prettiest, most smart, and talented mom in the world. And they love my cooking so much that I know when they grow up & get married, they'll come home just to eat! (Whatever it takes lol)

5. My faith is solid & built on the Rock! He has carried me through my darkest hours & built me in the process to make me stronger.

6. Opportunities continue to present themselves. I'm just walking where He directs me to go....

7. My vision & heart for Coffee & Jesus is more than I can understand or contain right now...Oh boy it's exciting!!

I could go on for hours about the goodness of God to walk us through life's uncertainties. It hasn't been all roses but the fragrance lingered...pure sweetness. There has always been a glimmer of His grace. A touch to remind me He's near. A subtle reminder that life is not just good but it's beautiful too!  I've decided to take the nudge from my heavenly Father to live...really live. And I pray in seeing that you begin to live too! To be unashamed of being full of joy and peace. To let your light shine in a dark world. To be unapologetic for loving life & the One who gave it to you! Friends we get one shot. I'm wasting no time!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, what an awesome way to embrace the past and the future!