Friday, January 11, 2013

Fab Five Friday...

It's Friday yo & Fab Five Friday is here!

1) This week I am grateful for:

Sooo much to be thankful for this week. God has been so everpresent & tangible! He has answered prayers & provided provision in more ways than one! The truck I've been praying for, for my oldest son who will turn 16 in August was pretty much laid in my lap & bought for an extremely affordable amount in our budget!

2) This week I enjoyed:
 Writting heartfelt notes that I mailed to some pretty special people in my life! It feels amazing to utilize my love language of encouragement! Also I enjoyed spending time disecting the Word. I absolutely love my NASB with Greek/Hebrew dictionary. Reading the word in light of its orginal meaning is out of this world amazing! The Word is so powerful!
3) This week I learned:
More about grace & it's importance in raising my sons. I must set firm boundaries but love relentlessly like Jesus in my directing & correcting them! Grieves me to think I would give them any less. Love my boys to pieces & have so much desire to help them love JESUS!
4) This week I accomplished:
Resting in God's goodness & moving forward to becoming FEARLESS
5) I am looking forward to:
Coffee & Jesus tomorrow morning!
 I am so excited to share precious moments & to grow in Christ with these women. I have so much vision for us all! Excited to have newbies join us tomorrow too! I also get to see my Gia(My daddy's mom) & Aunts tomorrow. Looking forward to just spending some time with them!

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