Friday, January 4, 2013

Fab Five Friday

Hey there! Thought I would try out this Fab Five Friday being that Falen of Upward Not Inward is one of my most fabulous friends, so here it goes!

This week I'm thankful for:  Divine appointments which have been coming daily--so amazing what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you when you are listening. Never be ashamed or hesitate to reach out to those around you...especially when you have been directed to do so by the man above!

This week I enjoyed: Finishing up my 10 day vacation & time with my boys!

This week I learned: The beginnings of what it really takes to be FEARLESS (My word for 2013)...step one~humility. Coming soon to my blog!

This week I accomplished: Putting up the Christmas decorations & restoring my house to pre-holiday status! What a job lol!

I am looking forward to: Tomorrow...Lincoln's 4th birthday party at Chick-fil-a. He is so excited. Also my 14 year old son-Drew is having a boys night to better aquaint his cousin(who lives out of town) with his friends. Bonus I get to see my little brother!

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely adore this Katie!!! 4th Birthday?! Woo hoo!! What a great Fab Five. I love you, woman.