Monday, February 7, 2011

His love...

Because I have experienced His love....I've been consumed. By a love so deep, so real, so intoxicating. He is my First Love, my Redeemer, my Rock, my All in All. He sustains me through grief, through fear, and through all the unknowns life hands out. He causes peace to reside deep in my soul, nothing else matters that is occurring around me because I can trust Him with my very heart and being. He would never leave me or forsake me of this I am certain. He longs to bring me good all the days of my life. His presence in my life at time is overwhelming the likes of a constant high. I am fully aware & understand that to the world, my abandonment to his call on my life is alien, somewhat foreign to them...but I am not of this world...this is not my home. So I will walk in His love with the ever increasing desire to share & prayerfully transfer this freedom to others. His desire is for us his children to walk the way Jesus did while on this Earth, to become more like Him in every way...equally yoking together with our Creator & allowing His love to transform us from the inside out. When you encounter a love so great, so amazing the end result is a life consumed, never to be the same again, one that is sickened by the remaining sin present in their life. Christ wants to burn inside all of our hearts like a fire, refining, purifying, burning away the all consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29). Step by step sin falls out of your life as you fight to pursue Christ and all that He has in store for you. In Him there is fullness of joy, peace unspeakable, satisfaction despite what is seen with the physical eye....he simply desires our heart...every bit of it...leaving us CONSUMED by His LOVE!



  1. Yay! Great job Katie! I can't wait to read more of your journey of encouragement! Shalom n'love...

  2. Katie, this is a reflection of where i am today, thank you for inspiring the fire burning in my heart. Its been a struggle, but falling in love with Jesus has made all the difference. It does feel alien, but very cool.