Sunday, May 20, 2012

Real freedom...

I'm awake with the rooster this morning but today is different. I've taken the opportunity to sit out on my front porch & breath in the smell of rain. Thunderstorms have been off & on all night and right now it's cool with a little breeze, my idea of perfection. I can hear thunder coming from a distance, the lightening reminding me that a storm is near. But above all of the sounds I hear it's the sound of freedom ringing loudest. Birds of various different breeds calling out so rhythmically as if to announce to the world their location, the vibration of crickets, the singing of the song birds, and even the random butterfly that just perched itself onto my hanging basket of pretty red flowers to get some nourishment. The amazing thing is they aren't worrying, or asking anybody what to do next…their just while they can, without a care in the world. I am overwhelmed & can hear rather loud that God's mercy is NEW every morning. Yes, another day is the opportunity to start over again, to cherish every moment you've been given, to really live! It takes no effort to hear all of natures sounds this morning, I haven't spoken one word, yet I've received so much refreshing inside my Sprit. God & His creation echoing His sovereignty and reminding me that if He will feed the birds in the air how much more, as a child of the King, will He take care of me. That my friends is freedom, REAL FREEDOM!! Taking God at His Word. Believing Him for ALL your needs according to His riches in glory. This is my heavenly daddy I'm talking about & He desires to withhold no good thing from me, from any of His children for that matter. He sent His Son Jesus to purchase this & I am very reminded that He LOVES & with AGAPE love. C. S. Lewis said in his book Four Loves that he believed the highest level of love known to mankind was a selfless love one that was passionately committed to the well being of another person. In a season of loss that's often marred with grief I see the beauty in this all. Oh if it meant that I would have never been able to seek the Lord out had it not been for the trials of life then I would say push repeat. It's the most precious, intimate time I ever recall spending with my HIM. There have been moments when thought I couldn't find God & I allowed myself to battle my flesh for a time. It just made me dig in my heels to seek Him even more…I found Him. He hadn't moved, it was my doubt that separated me for a moment. Hence the grave importance of putting Him first, the connection between Father & child is ridiculously important to a life lived with peace & joy. I'm glad I awoke so early this wonderful Sunday morning…I've been with my Beloved & His love indeed is better than life. (psalms 63:3) God is love, He is ALL you will ever need. He simply desires communion with His children as would any loving parent. Abraham comes to mind today…"In the same way, "Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith."~Galatians 3:6 My goal: Ever trusting, endlessly loving, always abiding, Katie

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