Sunday, March 17, 2013

heart talk...

So I've been thinking after a weekend away to relax & here is what is on the tip of my tongue & the edge of my thoughts.

Coffee & Jesus was born from a heart that was so lost & in love with Jesus she couldn't wait to rush up & grab her coffee to sit down for a quiet time spent basking in scripture & just simply conversing with Him. To encounter His one of a kind presence & be refilled by His love. My heart wanted to share what I had discovered with anyone willing to listen to me. It was never to preach or shove my beliefs down someone else's throat but to live in such a way that Jesus was obvious in my life & that maybe He was a solution for the life of others too.

My husband purchased & we are still in the process of completing the transfer into our name. This waiting process, which has been since the first of the year has been one of very little worry or stress but recently has become one of the need for direction. Which way do I go now? What will the website consist of? How will I accurately display what it is God wants to do through me? You know, questions with very few right now answers. What I do know is that the answer is so enormous that I can't even put a touch of it on paper. What I know is that I desire above all else is that HE alone be glorified. That the hard stuff is freely shared as well as the fun stuff. I'm guilty in just the last few days of being too busy to get still before Him & my little heart is a tad bit home sick for His presence. I want with all that's in me to stay so closely connected to Him. I know when I feel further away & it's because I moved back. Not on purpose but from distraction. I am completely lost without Him & to be quite honest that's the easiest way to explain how I'm feeling even after a few days of being lax. There is nothing I want to hold so tightly that it keeps me from experiencing Him to the fullest. Including social media, material things, activities. You can call me overboard, I won't be upset. This is real & an accurate depiction of someone who has experienced Him fully.

Then let us fill all of our pauses with praise! Let us give all that lies within us not to the voices of the enemy, but to pure praise, to pure loving adoration, and to worship from a grateful heart - a heart trained to look up.

So with a heart of humility here's what I would love. Pray for me. Pray for the direction of Pray that His will is clear & I am able to accurately convey what it is that He desires. Pray that my heart is tender & that His grace is ever present. Pray that the people it is meant for are reached. But above all pray that His love far outweighs everything else in my life & I let go of anything that is in the way. That I dwell in the shelter of the Most High & walk this earth with purpose & that it would be contagious...

For Him


  1. i seriously love your heart for the Lord and the way you're focusing on him. So wonderful to read about. Praying :)

    1. Thank you friend, I always appreciate your feedback!

  2. This was an awesome post and I love your heart for God too! It's contagious! Praying for you and excited to see the new site!

    1. Very inspiring, sweet words Rebecca! Thank you!