Sunday, June 3, 2012

Embracing exactly who He made me to be...

If you know me you know that I talk... A. Lot! I share what's on my mind most of the time, ok all of the time! Even my husband becomes suspicious when I am quiet. My mother has always said that as a child, she knew when I wasn't feeling well because…you guessed it…there was silence. For many years I believe my personality worked against me & a large part of me hated myself for being the way I was. I was lippy (is that even a word?), insecure, and loud! I was also involved in unhealthy relationships growing up that had no boundaries. Now as an adult who has finally found her first love, Jesus, I have stepped into what I believe is real true love not only for myself, but for the Lord, my family & my friends. I am a better person all around because I finally surrendered to the one who created me & knows me best! So I say all that to say.... I love to talk, to share, to encourage, to speak words of wisdom into the life of others. I choose to surround myself with those who embrace me, love me, and receive the love & support I have to give. I no longer care if everyone likes me because I now know that it’s simply not my problem! I refuse to any longer dislike myself for being who He created me to be!  I have gained so much confidence in knowing that God’s opinion is the only one that really counts! I hope you too discover that if you haven’t already. There is nothing better than feeling free to be yourself. God’s grace is most definitely amazing! My name is Katherine Rae Ramirez. I stand 6ft tall. I love God, my husband, kids & friends & in that order! I love coffee with french vanilla creamer, I enjoy deep talks with my girlfriends that are soul stirring. I have a passion to see woman set free from all the strongholds of life & into a life after Christ! Jail ministry is my heart. I am extremely proud of my sons and it gives me deep pride to see them growing into God fearing men that are not only handsome but kind and considerate individuals. I’m grateful for every second of every day & I never expected to learn this valuable wisdom from experiencing the death of my daddy. I will never look at life the same. He always told me the things I would get hung up on were just small things in the grand scheme of life, he was right. He understood grace & in turn gave me the greatest lesson I could have ever seen lived out in regards to God’s grace.

with all my <3, 

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